Why BioHair Treatment?

Why BioHair Treatment?

You must be asking yourself,
Why should I use the BioHair Treatment System?

But First You Need to Know

There are 3 factors crucial to successful hair regrowth:

  • Vibration to Increase Blood Flow
  • Laser Light to Deliver Nutrients to Cells
  • Cleanser to Remove DHT & Toxins

Why are these factors important?

Removing DHT & Toxins - Creates an ideal scalp environment for hair growth.

Increase Blood Flow - Revives dormant hair follicles and optimizes follicle health by carrying nutrients to follicles and toxins away from follicles faster.

Deliver Nutrients to Cells - Delivers essential nutrients directly to hair follicles, stimulating cell activity and new hair growth.

Do Any of These Apply to You?

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I have thinning hair and it’s getting worse.

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I have bald spots (alopecia).

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An alarming amount of hair falls out anytime I brush my hair or take a shower.

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My hair started falling out due to hormonal changes while I was pregnant.

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My hair started falling out after I hit menopause.

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Pattern baldness runs in my family.

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High levels of stress have taken a toll on my hair line.

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Problems with my thyroid have caused me to lose hair.

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I have noticed my hair falling out more ever since I started taking certain prescription medications.

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I have tried hair loss products without success so far.

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I have tried hair loss creams that gave me no results.

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I tried hair loss pills and still didn’t get any results.

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I took medications recommended by my doctor and nothing happened.

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I am skeptical and don’t believe any hair loss treatments out there really work.

Products that claim to work,
but don’t…

We all know there are a lot of products on the market claiming to have the solution to hair loss. The truth is that none of them really deliver on their promises. Do you know why? Because there are 3 things that have to occur in order to stop your hair loss and promote new hair growth.

And none of them provide all three factors in a single hair regrowth system.

  • Vibration to Increase Blood Flow
  • Laser Light to Deliver Nutrients to Cells
  • Cleanser to Remove DHT & Toxins

What Is BioHair Treatment?

While some products do produce results, those results are often limited. Hair growth may only be seen in certain areas of the scalp and discontinuation of use can lead to a devastatingly quick resurgence of hair loss.

BioHair Treatment is a revolutionary system which is specially designed to remove DHT & toxins, increase blood flow, and deliver nutrients to cells. We’ve targeted everything your body needs for hair regrowth and integrated those factors into one amazing hair loss treatment system.

The amazing hair growth power of the BioHair Treatment Laser & Stimulator.

The BioHair treatment Laser & Stimulator increases blood flow to the scalp using a combination of laser light energy and vibration stimulation. That’s the reason it’s so unique!

Most systems use laser light alone, but added vibration stimulation not only maximizes increased blood flow, but also works to relax you. Stress being a main cause of hair loss, this is a crucial advantage in hair loss treatment for alopecia sufferers.

Try our BioHair Treatment Cleanser to remove DHT and toxins from the scalp.

Our Cleanser works to remove DHT and other toxins which cause hair loss. This is an essential first step for any hair loss treatment out there. The scalp is rejuvenated and prepared for new hair growth. Bear in mind that without this crucial step you decrease your chances of regrowth by 34.6%.

The BioHair Restoration Formula uses the power of emu oil to regrow hair.

Our Restoration Formula delivers nutrients to hair follicles with 28% greater efficiency than others because of the unique combination of emu oil with Acetat Carbomer-Thickener. In studies conducted at Boston University, emu oil was proven to reactivate 80% of dormant hair follicles. It’s amazing results like these that make BioHair Treatment a real hair loss solution

What Else Makes BioHair Treatment So Good?

  • Total Hair Growth Coverage – Unlike other products, BioHair Treatment grows hair in all areas of the scalp, including the frontal area where receding hair lines start.
  • Maintains Hair Density – With other products hair loss often rapidly returns upon discontinued use. This is not the case with BioHair Treatment. The hair growth results you have achieved with our system will maintain even if you decide to stop using the products.
  • Proven Power of Emu Oil – Emu oil has been proven effective in leading university studies. You can feel confident that our system will deliver the results you are looking for.
  • Laser Light + Vibration – No other system on the market combines laser light with vibration stimulation to maximize increased blood flow and deliver optimum results.
  • Hands Free – The BioHair Treatment Laser & Stimulator is a totally hands free device. This means you don’t have to work to regrow your hair. Just sit back and relax while we do the work!
  • Removes DHT & Harmful Wastes – Our system starts with the BioHair Treatment Cleanser, a product specially formulated to remove DHT and toxins from the scalp. This creates an ideal scalp environment for new hair growth.
  • Side Effect Free – Unlike many others, our system is totally side effect free. You can feel safe and confident using our products.

BioHair Treatment

Other Hair Growth Systems

Total Hair Growth Coverage

http://biohairtreatment.com/images/check-mark-circle.pngEmu oil restores growth in frontal areas.

http://biohairtreatment.com/images/x-circle.pngHair only grows in the crown area.

Maintains Hair Density

http://biohairtreatment.com/images/check-mark-circle.pngDensity maintains after discontinued use.

http://biohairtreatment.com/images/x-circle.pngRapid hair loss on discontinued use.

Proven Power of Emu Oil

http://biohairtreatment.com/images/check-mark-circle.pngEmu oil is proven effective in studies.

http://biohairtreatment.com/images/x-circle.pngEmu oil not an active ingredient.

Laser Light + Vibration

http://biohairtreatment.com/images/check-mark-circle.pngLaser light + vibration enhance results.

http://biohairtreatment.com/images/x-circle.pngLaser light and vibration not combined.

Hands Free

http://biohairtreatment.com/images/check-mark-circle.pngLaser device is totally hands free.

http://biohairtreatment.com/images/x-circle.pngLaser combs require extra work for you.

Removes DHT & Harmful Wastes

http://biohairtreatment.com/images/check-mark-circle.pngRemoves DHT & mites.

http://biohairtreatment.com/images/x-circle.pngDoes not remove hair loss catalysts.

Side effect free

http://biohairtreatment.com/images/check-mark-circle.pngAll natural = no side effects whatsoever.

http://biohairtreatment.com/images/x-circle.pngChemicals can affect sex drive.


http://biohairtreatment.com/images/check-mark-circle.pngEmu Oil protects while promoting growth.

http://biohairtreatment.com/images/x-circle.pngDoes not contain protective agents.

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