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In the Initial Stages of Use


In the first few weeks after you begin using the BioHair Treatment System you may notice an increase in shedding. Don’t worry! This is normal and is actually a good sign. Thin hairs from dormant follicles are now being pushed out and making way for new growth.



Make Way for New Growth


The older hairs you would have lost never to see return are now making way for new growth from follicles which have been revived. After 6 months of regular use of the BioHair Treatment System you should begin to see signs of new growth.



Early ReGrowth


Early re-growth often appears in the form of peach fuzz which is very soft and colorless. It is not uncommon for users to begin to see peach fuzz sooner than 6 months after they have begun using BioHair products.



Prolonged Use hh


With continued use of the BioHair Treatment System peach fuzz will begin to thicken, grow longer, and take on the color of the rest of your hair. Soon you will notice your hair has become visibly thicker and fuller!