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What causes hair loss? 4 Major Contributors

Written by:  Bio HairTreatment: Kari

Depending on factors such as age, health, and hair growth cycle, everyone loses 40 to 120 strands of hair per day. However, some people lose much more than just a few strands per day. This kind of hair loss can cause you to become self conscious when you go out in public, but what causes hair loss? And, is there something that you can do to help prevent this kind of rapid hair loss? Following are a few reasons hair loss can occur and what you can do about it.

1. Testosterone Converting To Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

When testosterone converts to DHT, your hair is unable to survive. This is a hormonal process that occurs in both men and women, and essentially the DHT shrinks the hair follicles, which results in no space for healthy hair to survive.

Lowering testosterone levels can be done in a number of ways. First, reduce your intake of sugar and refined carbs. These foods can cause high insulin levels, which cause more male hormones to be released. In addition, research has shown that losing weight can help to lower testosterone levels. Converting to a vegetarian diet has been associated with lower testosterone levels, and may help you to lose weight too.

2. Medication

There is certain medications that can contribute to hair loss. These medications treat depression, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis and heart problems.

While some diseases, such as high blood pressure, may be controlled through diet, exercise and stress relief, other diseases are not as easy to control. Therefore, you may not be able to eliminate this cause of hair loss.

3. Hypothyroidism

There are millions of people who suffer from a thyroid disease, and hypothyroidism can have a huge effect on the growth of your hair, skin, and nails. Hypothyroidism (too little hormone) is more common in woman over the age of 50; however, it can affect anyone at any age.

Changing your diet is a great way to treat hypothyroidism naturally. Cutting out foods that can interfere with thyroid functions such as cabbage, peanuts, radishes, and soybeans can be very helpful to thyroid issues. In addition, cutting out gluten and any foods that cause inflammation in the body should be avoided.

4. Physiological Stress

When you upset the balance in your body it goes through physiological stress, and that can cause hair loss. Therefore, if you are going through a big change in your diet or lifestyle, or if you are experiencing health issues, hair loss is often a symptom of this physiological stress.

According to research, the hair loss from these types of events is normally temporary, but can go on as long as the stress is occurring. Therefore is important to return your body to a natural state as soon as possible. If you are going through a diet or lifestyle change, then helping your body become accustomed to this change through consistency is important to stop hair loss.

In addition, removing stress from your life will have a huge impact on your body's state. Stress affects every part of your body and can result in much more than just hair loss. Incorporating stress-reducing techniques such as meditation, exercise and laughter into your life will help your body to return to balance.


In conclusion:

In the end, are you still asking yourself what causes hair loss? If you are, remember that poor health or an imbalance in the body is often the core reason why hair loss is occurring; therefore, often by taking care of your body through diet, exercise, and stress-reduction, you can eliminate many health problems and stop hair loss issues.

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