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BioHair Treatment FAQs


How do I use the BioHair ReGrowth Laser & Stimulator to treat my hair loss?

            The BioHair ReGrowth Laser is easy to use! Simply plug it in, adjust the laser light switch to the desired level (it is recommended to use the highest level), place the device on your scalp and turn the dial until you have found a comfortable vibration speed. Sit back and relax while the device does it’s  job. After 10-15 minutes remove the device from your scalp, shut it off, and store it in a safe place. If desired, gently clean the device with a lightly damp cloth.


How does the BioHair Treatment Formula work?

            The BioHair Treatment Formula is infused with the amazing power of emu oil. Emu oil has been proven to stimulate hair growth in studies conducted at the University of Boston by Dr. Michael Holick. In fact, Holick found that 80% of dormant hair follicles were reactivated by the application of emu oil. Emu oil also works to thicken the skin, which has often become thin in those suffering from pattern baldness. This increases cellular activity and growth rejuvenating your scalp and making way for new hair growth.


Do I need to use the BioHair Treatment Cleanser in order to see results?

            While it is not necessary to use the BioHair Treatment Cleanser in order to achieve fantastic results, it is recommended. The cleanser enhances the scalps condition creating an ideal environment for hair re-growth. By stripping away impurities and killing microscopic hair mites known to cause hair loss, the cleanser prepares your scalp to receive the maximum benefits of our BioHair Treatment Formula and Laser & Stimulator.


How long will I need to continue my hair loss treatment with the BioHair Treatment System?

            Hair loss treatment is an ongoing process which requires prolonged use in order to insure that you will see great results. However, if you should decide that you are happy with your results and you no longer feel the need to use BioHair Treatment products, you can discontinue use at any time. It is important to note that sticking to your hair loss regimen is important. Missing a day or two here and there won’t hurt, but if a regular pattern of use in not established you will be diminishing the possibility of seeing the results you want.


You say to use the laser device once a day, if I use it more often will it increase the speed of my results?

            Once a day really is enough! There is no evidence to support using the device more often. The best way to speed up your results is to use the device in conjunction with our BioHair Treatment Formula and our BioHair Treatment Cleanser. These two amazing products combined with the laser device create the optimum conditions for hair restoration and re-growth.


What is emu oil?

            Emu oil is an all natural substance extracted from the fat glands of emus which has been proven to have extraordinary health benefits, including hair loss prevention. A main ingredient in our BioHair Treatment Formula, emu oil truly is a necessary step on your path to re-growing your hair. Studies conducted my Dr. Michael Holick at the Boston University have shown that emu oil has amazing regenerative powers. In fact emu oil was proven to thicken skin and improve it’s overall condition, as well as to reawaken 80% of dormant hair follicles. Some people have reported noticing tiny patches of fuzzy re-growth within weeks of beginning treatment.


Will the BioHair Treatment System help me grow hair back in the front or only the crown?

            A common complaint about many hair re-growth solutions is that hair will not re-grow in the front of the scalp where receding hairlines often begin. Even well known products have been unable to solve this problem. However, many users of emu oil, an ingredient in our BioHair Treatment Formula, have reported a return of growth in the font of the scalp and along the temples. These incredible reports have lead many to turn to emu oil for hair loss treatment.


Can I use the BioHair ReGrowth Laser after transplant surgery?

            While there is not evidence to suggest that the laser cannot be used following hair transplant surgery, we recommend that you consult your doctor regarding this matter.


Will I be able to continue using the fibers and/or powder I have been using to cover up my hair loss while I am waiting to see results from the BioHair Treatment system?

            Yes, you can continue to use any hair styling products as usual.


Does BioHair Treatment work for women?

            The BioHair Treatment System is ideal for both men and women.


Can people of all ages use BioHair Treatment products?

            Anyone over the age of 18 is safe to use BioHair Treatment products.


My hair has just recently started thinning, is it too early to start using the BioHair Treatment Laser?

            Absolutely not, in fact the sooner you begin treating your hair loss problem the better. Those who begin treatment in the early stages of hair loss often see the best results.      



How long will it take to process my order?

            Orders received before 3pm Pacific Time will be processed the same day. Orders received after 3pm Pacific Time will be processed the following day.


How do you ship?

            We will ship your item via UPS ground or USPS Priority Mail.


What is the Lifetime Limited Warranty?

            You are eligible for the lifetime limited warranty upon purchase of your BioHair ReGrowth Laser & Stimulator. The warranty is available to the original purchaser of the item. No one who cannot provide proof that they are the original purchaser may make a warranty claim. Claims will be honored in the case that the device has stopped working, has been damaged, is defective, or has missing and/or broken parts. All warranty claims are subject to a fee of 35% of the original price paid for the product. Should the product be an older model no longer in production, your claim will be subject to a fee of 35% of the original price of the product plus any difference in retail price between the model being returned and the replacement model. Contact customer service at 1-888-407-3771 in order to file a claim.


My BioHair ReGrowth Laser & Stimulator has stopped working what should I do?

            If you discover a manufacturer’s defect you may return the BioHair ReGrowth Laser & Stimulator to us for an even exchange. You have 30 days from the date of receipt to return the device to us. You must cover any shipping costs incurred in returning the device to our facility. Once we have received the original device, we will send you a new one at no additional cost. Contact customer service at 1-888-407-3771 in order to receive approval for an exchange.

            If it is past the 30 exchange period contact customer service at 1-888-407-3771 in order to place a claim using the lifetime limited warranty.



I don’t have a credit card is there an alternate method of payment?

            You may also pay by Money Order. Please call our customer service line at 1-888-407-3771 to place your order.


Do you accept COD orders?

            We do not accept cash on delivery orders. We apologize for the inconvenience.



Is the BioHair ReGrowth Laser & Stimulator safe to use?

            Yes, the BioHair ReGrowth Laser & Stimulator is safe to use. Laser light treatment is widely accepted as a safe and effective method of hair loss treatment. Follow the instructions carefully in order to ensure you are using the device properly.


Can the BioHair ReGrowth Laser have a negative effect on my hair loss?

            There is no evidence to suggest that the BioHair ReGrowth Laser is anything but beneficial as a hair loss treatment. It is normal for some people to experience increased shedding in the early stages of treatment. This is actually a sign that hair follicles are reactivating. Hair follicles go through a growth cycle in which they transition between active and inactive phases. In those with hair loss, follicles fail to return to the growth phase from the inactive phases. Initial shedding is a sign that dormant follicles are pushing out thin unhealthy hairs to make way for new stronger thicker hair growth stimulated by the laser device.