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Step 1: Clean hair thoroughly using BioHair Treatment Cleanser.

  • Dampen hair with warm water.

  • Coat hair with a liberal amount of cleanser.

  • Lightly squeeze cleanser from roots to ends. Leave in hair for 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

  • Follow with BioHair Treatment Restoration Formula.






Step 2: Apply BioHair Treatment Restoration Formula

  • Part hair into 4 sections.

  • Pump a quarter size amount into palm of hand.

  • Lightly massage into scalp, concentrating product on thinning areas.


Step 3: Administer BioHair ReGrowth Laser & Stimulator

  • Insert the power cord into the charging base and plug into any standard outlet or PC /Laptop.

  • Switch the power button to turn on the device. Adjust laser light switch to desired level.

  • Place device on scalp for 10-15 minutes.

  • Once process is finished, turn off device and unplug power cord.


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