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    The power of laser light energy.
The Biohair Treatment System.

As seen in the international media, the direct application of low level laser light has been proven to be the most effective method of treatment now available for hair thinning and loss.

  • Energizes Hair Follicles
  • Restores Natural Hair Growth
  • Strengthens Scalp
  • Delivers Oxygen & Essential Nutrients to Cells
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Using laser light energy to increase hair follicle activity, the scalp is strengthened as oxygen and essential nutrients are more quickly and effectively delivered to cells.

This activates healthy cell growth to not only stop hair loss, but stimulate new hair growth. Laser light from the BioHair ReGrowth device energizes follicles, restoring the natural hair growth cycle.

Over time hair follicles become miniaturized. During the normal hair growth cycle follicles transition from the growth phase to a renewal phase in which the follicles shrink and detach from the blood supply, and then to a final resting phase. Following the resting phase hair follicles reattach to the blood supply and return to the growth phase. These follicles open back up and old hairs are shed as new hairs push their way through. However, in those with pattern baldness, hair follicles fail to open back up. Remaining shrunken, hair follicles may continue to produce thinner and finer hairs for a short time, but eventually they stop producing hairs at all.

Laser light energy increases blood flow to the scalp. Increased blood flow stimulates these dormant follicles by delivering essential nutrients more efficiently to hair follicles. Waste products are also more quickly processed and carried away. Hair follicles are rejuvenated and begin to open up and produce hairs once more.

Nourishing laser light energy for hair growth.

The BioHair ReGrowth Laser & Stimluator not only offers the incredible power of laser light energy, but also utilizes vibration stimulation to optimize hair follicle stimulation and give you the best hair growth results. While hair follicles are nourished and revived by laser light, vibration helps to open up shrunken hair follicles even more, restoring them to their normal size and ensuring that each follicle will be capable of producing thick, full, healthy hairs.

Scalp stimulating vibration also increases strength in the roots of hair, creating more resilient hair less likely to suffer from breakage. Not only will you see your hair grow back, but you will find that your hair is stronger, fuller, and more luxurious than ever before!


BioHair Treatment Restoration Formula and Cleanser.

For optimum results use the BioHair Treatment Restoration Formula and Cleanser in conjunction with the laser device. Our Cleanser removes DHT and other pollutants leaving your scalp refreshed. Using the cleanser before applying the Restoration Formula and the laser device creates an ideal scalp environment for hair growth, ensuring you will receive the maximum benefits possible.

The emu oil infused Restoration Formula deep penetrates the scalp, working it's way into shrunken hair follicles and opening them back up so that new hair growth can occur. In studies conducted by Dr. Michael Holick at Boston University, emu oil was proven to be an amazing hair growth stimulant. In fact, Holick found that 80% of dormant hair follicles were revived after regular treatment with emu oil. Making the Restoration Formula a part of your hair loss treatment regimen even further enhances hair growth so that you can achieve the amazing results you want.



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