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At Bio Hair Treatment, we're sure you've probably heard about all the medications available to regrow hair and that you've probably heard about the not so great side effects, especially in men. If you want to keep your problem private without having to worry about body hair growing where you don't want it, or having trouble with the ladies, these home remedies for hair growth might help.

Use a Boar Bristle Hair Brush. Any brush with bristles instead of teeth (preferably made
 from natural bristles as well) is less likely to pull your hair out from the root or break the strands. The bristles also help to spread natural oils from your scalp throughout your hair.

Use a Neutral Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner. Your shampoo should be as close to neutral as possible, a pH of 5.5 is ideal. Most commercial shampoos will not state the pH on the bottle but it can be checked with litmus paper or buy it from a salon or beauty supply store. A moisturizing conditioner not only nourishes existing hair, but detangles and help to prevent hair being pulled out from the root while being styled. You can also use apple cider vinegar as a rinse to maintain the pH balance.

Avoid Styling Products. If you can avoid drying your hair with a blow dryer, that helps prevent burns to the scalp and over drying the hair. Avoiding styling products like heavy gels is also said to help, but there is not too much evidence to back it up.

Protect Your Scalp and Hair From the Sun. Try to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, especially if using topical treatments or your hair is extremely thin. There are products available with SPFs for the hair and scalp, or wearing a light hat can also help.

Take Natural Supplements. Both men and women should take a daily vitamin, vitamin E and a prenatal vitamin. Yes, men can take prenatal vitamins too! Taking L-Argenine also helps increase blood flow to all areas of the body including the scalp. All of these can be found at any drug store, with the exception of L-Argenine that may need to be purchased in a specialized health food store such as GNC.

Quit Smoking. Not only does smoking cause premature wrinkles, but it also constricts blood vessels. All areas of the body, including your hair follicles receive less blood and therefore receive less vital nutrients that promote hair growth. If quitting is not an option, even cutting back can still help.

Massage the Scalp. Massage increases circulation and in turn, delivers more vitamins and nutrients to the hair follicle. This can be done manually for 15 to 30 minutes a day, or by using Bio Hair Treatment's hands free laser that vibrates.

Apply Natural Topical Treatments. Emu oil is clinically proven to help regrow hair, with a success rate of up to 80%. It must be used daily and results are usually seen within four to six months, with the full results seen after a year of use. Even after the final results are achieved, continued use of the oil is a must.

You can also try these remedies made from foods you probably have at home:

Green Tea: brew a strong cup and apply to scalp, let it sit at least an hour or over night. Rinse after.

Jojoba, vitamin E, lavender, coconut, sage, flaxseed and rosemary oil: can be used on their own or as a base to add other ingredients.

Mix egg whites with 1 tsp each of honey and olive oil: Apply to hair two times a week for 20 minutes, wash with shampoo after.

Jamaica/Hibiscus flower: grind the dry flower with coconut milk to make a paste, apply for half an hour and wash off.

Cumin: use whole seeds or ground cumin. Mix a few teaspoons with half a cup of olive oil and let sit 24 hours before applying it to the scalp. Wash with a neutral shampoo after.

Garlic: press three cloves with a knife to break them open or a tbsp of crush garlic. Boil in coconut oil, let cool, apply for 20 minutes two or three times a week. Wash after.

Onion or Potato Juice: Dice, chop or put onions OR potatoes (not together) in a food processor and then squeeze the juice onto your head. After 20 minutes wash your hair with shampoo, two or three times a week. The onion is not recommended for date nights!

Cayenne pepper: Mix 1 part pepper with 2 parts olive oil. Let sit 15 minutes and wash off.

Peppercorn: Crush peppercorn with lime until the consistency of tooth paste. Apply in a steamed bathroom or shower and rinse off after half an hour.

Coconut milk: mix 2 tbsp with 1 tbsp fenugreek paste. Apply for 20 minutes, two times a week, wash with shampoo after. You can also use just the coconut milk and let it sit in your hair while you sleep. Be sure to use a pillow case you don't mind getting dirty.

Henna: mix a cup of henna powder with half a cup of natural yogurt, apply to hair and let dry. Wash after, use it once every one or two weeks.

Other things that help include eating healthy foods, like proteins and foods rich in vitamin A (like carrots), vitamin B (potatoes) and vitamin C (oranges).
If you have tried home remedies, or just want to boost your hair growth, let the creators of Bio Hair Treatment help you.


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