Bio Hair Treatment hair growth system.

Bio Hair Treatment System

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The BioHair Treatment System is a complete hair growth solution. Every method of hair loss treatment and prevention currently in development is included in this amazing system specially designed to give you the best results possible! The system starts with the Cleanser. Uniquely formulated to remove DHT and other impurities, the Cleanser creates an ideal scalp environment for new hair growth. Next comes the emu oil infused Restoration Formula. Emu oil has been proven effective in hair growth. One study even found that 80% of dormant hair follicles were reactivated. Finally, the Laser & Stimulator directly stimulates the scalp with a combination of low level laser light energy and vibration stimulation, maximizing increased blood flow and delivering nutrients more efficiently to hair follicles. The BioHair Treatment System has you covered each step of the way for optimum hair regrowth!