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Hair Loss Cure for Women and Men

Is that more hair than usual in your hair brush? Drain getting clogged? Too much fuzz on the pillow in the morning for your comfort? Or maybe you can see with your own eyes that your hair is thinning or disappearing.

Once believed to be a simple, inevitable part of aging, hair loss -- in men and women -- has many causes! Also, hair loss isn't inevitable or permanent -- the Biohair Treatment System is your hair loss cure for women and for men! It can restore lost hair and give you back your lush, thick locks.

But first ... what causes hair loss to begin with?

1. Androgenic Alopecia: That's just a fancy way of saying male-pattern baldness. It's partly genetic and partly hormonal -- you have genes that cause your hair follicles to turn "off" in the presence of certain hormones.

2. Female Pattern Baldness: Hair loss in women may be caused by some of the same hormonal fluctuations that cause baldness in men.

3. Changing Female Hormones: Sometimes, hair loss accompanies menopause in women, although the link between menopause and hair loss is not conclusive. Changing hormone levels may also cause hair loss during and after pregnancy and when starting, ending or changing hormonal birth control methods.

4. High Stress, Low Nutrition: Your hair is part of your body and must be "fed" along with every other cell! Constant muscle tension in the scalp inhibits blood flow to the follicles, and poor nutrition will not give your body the materials it needs to build shiny, healthy hair. You need vitamin B (biotin) and iron in particular to have healthy locks.

5. Thyroid Problems: A malfunction in the thyroid gland can lead to hair loss. This could be a major factor in female hair loss! Check to see if your thyroid levels are up to par.

6. Medicine: Check your medicine cabinet! Your problem could be lurking in one of those brown bottles. Medications for cancer, arthritis, depression, heart conditions and high blood pressure can cause hair fallout.

7. Extreme Stress: Been in an auto accident? Had surgery? Suffered the death of a loved one? All these can literally make your hair fall out, even days or weeks after the event.

8. Tight Hairstyles: Ladies! Listen up. Your hair loss cure could be changing your hairstyle. Tight cornrows and braids stress the follicles and can cause bald patches.

9. Bad Hairstyling Habits: Hair loss in women can be caused by being "bad" to your hair: too much hair product, too much chemical processing (coloring, perms, relaxing and straightening), aggressive de-tangling, brushing when the hair is wet, and using poor-quality hair accessories that snag or tangle the hair.

The Doctors - Dr. Ziering explains Men's Genetic Hair Loss

Regardless of the cause, if your hair needs a rescue, the Biohair Treatment System is the hair loss cure for women and for men. The Bio Hair ReGrowth Laser & Stimulator device will bring needed oxygen to your follicles and increase follicle activity, while the Biohair treatments and supplements deliver needed nutrients and cleansing to each hair shaft. We offer a limited lifetime warranty, too!

Give it a try today! You have absolutely nothing to lose except more of your hair. Put an end to baldness and thinning hair with the Biohair Treatment System.

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http://biohairtreatment.com/images/check-mark2.png Hair grows in front eliminating receding hair lines.

http://biohairtreatment.com/images/check-mark2.png Works for both men and women.

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